A Liebherr UWT 1682 is in integrated wine cabinet to store 34 bottles

Liebherr UWT 1682 Vinidor

The warm days are coming and then it is even more important to serving temperature in your wine on your Liebherr wine cooler that you purchase at Cavepromotor like the Liebherr UWT 1682 Vinidor (*). In the UK they speak mainly about a wine fridge. The big difference with the Liebherr makes is the number of temperature zones. A wine cooler from Liebherr has 2, 3 or 6 temperature zones. The treatment of the air and humidity is almostthe same in all wine cabinets. The wine cooler in which 6 temperature zones are no fan, because ituses the koudevaltechniek. Would you still have a fan in this wine Cabinet, the koudevalproces. The fan in the other wine coolers and wine cabinets offers the possibility to the humidity between 10% and 20% increase. However in the closet with the 6 temperature zones is done using lava cloves.

How measuring measuring the humidity is done with a hygrometer. This is not a standard included with a wine Cabinet. In Netherlands, there is only one supplier of wine cabinets that so provides and that is Cavepromotor. With every wine Cabinet is a digital hygrometer included so as not to burdenof fluctuations. An analog hygrometer must be calibrated what if detrimental effect that a deviationmay arise. The ideal humidity is between 50% and 75%. The air humidity must not be lower, becausethe corks in wine bottles ‘ shrink ‘. This creates a gap between the glass of the bottle and the Corkclosure. This offers the possibility of bacteria to the bottles. You will understand that this is the taste of the wine.
Create peaceFor wine is rest and important to be able to mature or to maintain the optimum condition. Winemolecules that are in continuous movement, ensure that the wine faster elderly. This makes the winefaster to its top or will never reach the top. In a wine cellar you have a minimum of vibration.However, there are almost no homes built more with a wine cellar and we want to keep our wines yetoptimal. For this Cave promoter the so-called Vibration Reduction Blocks. The wine cabinets are placed on these blocks. Depending on the type of Liebherr wine Cabinet is a set of four or five blocks.These ensure that the ambient vibrations are reduced, so that the wines are practically silent.Installing the blocks is relatively easy if you can on all sides well with the wine Cabinet. The Cabinetcomes between two other cabinets and or a wall, you will get instruction of Cavepromotor how tosolve it.


A Liebherr WKt 6451 to store 312 bottles

Liebherr WKt 6451 GrandCru

Wine cabinets in the European market is fairly constant. In which country that you’re going to watch, you’ll find out that everywhere with the same wine cabinets can appreciate. The advantage when you have a research does is that you with model numbers well. Imagine that you’re talking about een Liebherr WKt 6451, then that model the same everywhere. This applies to the content, energy consumption and the like. In money is hard to express since the energy prices are not the same everywhere in Europe. What stands out are the price differences in the various countries. Regardless of whether you’re talking about this model in Italy or England. We can however differ because of the different temperatures. There is an internationally operating supplier that will make a digital hygrometer and vibration reduction blocks are included. The latter shall ensure that the ambient vibrations are reduced. Incidentally, the same energy label applies throughout Europe. This includes that the wine cabinets with an isolation door much more energy-efficient. The importers in Europe try our prices as global as possible throughout the EU. This is to prevent a disruption of the market. A wine Cabinet that 1200 Euro in Poland cabinet can in France 2400 Euro. What should you do when private individual who lives in France? A closet from Poland? In a way that applies everywhere the same warranty, but it may take a little while before the Polish importer has passed to the French importer that there service is to be provided. When you call a ‘ service ‘ late run by a French mechanic and it is a user error, then go you fat pay. The disparity of prices ensures that in Germany the white goods suppliers fight to the death. Traditional and regional operating stores may not participate in the prices. They have against the sale prices advertised on the internet. If a manufacturer want to control it right across Europe, it would actually have to ensure that there is everywhere the same purchase as sales prices apply. When the manufacturer also sells in the us market, you can see all exciting prizes. This can be explained by the fact that there are special adjustments need to be done for the United States.

After a year after buying you receive an alert to replace your Aktiv Carbon Filter. The filter is needed to filter the incoming air of bad smells…


A Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor you buy at Cavepromotor

Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor

A wine fridge is much more limited in functionality than a wine cabinet. This also applies to the Liebherr WTes 5872 (with three separate temperature zones). This is the most advanced wine cooler in the Liebherr range. When you start thinking what offers this wine cabinet all, you come to the conclusion that Liebherr makes no wine fridges. Contrary to what many people think, which is caused by the fact that Liebherr is the leading manufacturer of quality refrigerators. Since the eighties of the last century, Liebherr will focus on producing wine cabinets. This is a completely different concept than the fridges. Both have a compressor, but a wine cabinet has a different function. Are you going to buy a wine cabinet, then it is wise to do so at Cave Promoter in the UK 

When you have bottles with a cork seal, it is important that the air humidity is maintained. But how do you know what the right level of humidity, and how will you measure it? All wine cabinets have a fan or a lava stone recess. Cheaper cabinets do not have it and there you can use a bowl of ‘water’. When you buy a wine cabinet with a specialist, such as Cave Promoter, it will point you to the need for a hygrometer. It is advisable to purchase a digital hygrometer, because it does not require calibration. When the humidity is low, there may be shrinkage of the cork due to the air coming into your wine bottle. And what about bacteria? All things that can affect your wine.

A wine should develop under optimal conditions and vibrations are thereby disastrous. Manufacturers make every effort to provide the wine cabinets vibration-free compressors and low noise assembly parts. However, people living in the vicinity of your wine cabinet. Of passing traffic in the street until you going up stairs or closes a door. All of ambient vibration which have a negative effect on your wine. The solution Vibration Reduction Blocks. These can be ordered at Cave Promoter or get you included when you order a wine cabinet by this international organization.

Air quality 
The quality of the air that enters your wine cabinet is determined Liebherr wine cabinets through an Active carbon filter. This removes all unpleasant odors from the air, but must be replaced annually in order to function correctly. In practice, forget people who have a wine cabinet purchased this forever. Therefore, the Filter Alert Service … exists This ensures that the owner of the wine cellar annually receives an alert that it is time to replace the filter. The customer pays and is automatically sent to the appropriate filter.

You might be wondering how it is that Cave Promoter so emphatically involved in wine preservation. The roots of Cave Promoter lie in the world of wine in Wine Promoter. All employees of Cavepromotor are also wine specialist.

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