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FIFA Mobile Attack Mode Season Updates

Season two of Attack Mode comes with updates and improvements meant to make the entire FIFA Mobile experience more fun, more rewarding and also more challenging.

An attack mode FIFA Mobile season was originally planned to last 28 days. After observing the first season, developers decided to shorten the duration to 15 days so two seasons will now take place during a month. This means that players have the chance to obtain more rewards but they will also have to work harder for them. This change certainly doesn’t cater to casuals. It’s an update meant for the FIFA Mobile hardcore players who want to experience a high level of competition.

The reward system went through a series of modifications as well. Players will not receive any more season tokens when getting a promotion. The prize is now a reward pack that will contain a fixed number of items. The quality of this reward pack depends on player’s division. Players also get extra rewards at the end of the season also based on their performance. Among these rewards an end of season token is found. There are multiple types of end of seasons tokens. Their type determines the quality of the item acquired when exchanging the token. Pro, world class, legendary and FIFA champion end season tokens can be obtained. The received token is then used on master player plans. It takes two tokens to unlock an attack mode master player plan. Those who achieve FIFA champion status will not get an extra token anymore. The FIFA champion end season token can be used for the master Griezmann plan.

FIFA Mobile monthly master player plans associated with attack mode can be completed within 45 days. Players have plenty of time to exchange their tokens. Another update removes month and season token restriction. Players can save and use tokens in the next season if they wish to do so. FIFA Mobile attack mode season update will also add new master players plans at the beginning of April 2017. For fifa mobile playing, if you need fifa mobile coins for your playing, just to choose a legit site to buy!