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Life science research products

To do life science research a scientist need high quality life science research products to get reliable results. RNA and DNA analysis is very important in this field of biomolecular and genomics field. Automated tools and other automation applications are essential to speed up the work which would have otherwise been done manually.

On the other hand GC Biotech provides as a high quality distributor of laboratory equipment and reagents needed to be able to perform experiments and create compounds to study. For example our magnetic bead based kits are very useful to make otherwise undetectable differences in molecules observable. Besides that a scientist can use bio-molecular detection devices to properly analyse the genetic samples. So if you are interested in automated robots for life science research or other products for DNA and RNA studies you can read more on GC Biotech’s website.

RNA and DNA analysis

In order to do analyse genomic data one needs good RNA and DNA analysis products and the right starting materials and reagents. Our biotech company can provide these things. A very new development is the magnetic beads method for genetic clean up. Other methods involve other techniques to make sure the DNA samples or the pieces of RNA are properly analysed. There are isolation kits, sanger sequencing tools, NGS and more to ensure you can do your gene study. For more information about purification, separation and isolation of nucleic acids, genes and other bio-molecules you can find it in our web store. We provide you with the best life science research products for genomics.

Magnetic bead based kits

If you want to do genomic studies there are many techniques one can use to get the right results. One method used in the life science research field for RNA and DNA analysis and isolation is the magnetic bead based study. There are kits available to do genetic studies with magnetic beads. This way a scientist can isolate and purify parts of a sample in his or her research in genomics.