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A Liebherr wine fridge? An ideal storage for a personal collection of wine has always been a necessity for a devoted wine lover. Liebherr wine fridges ensure the balanced storage conditions of wine bottles, that assist to further outline a wine’s style and profile to a dedicated wine collector. To be fully enjoyed, a wine should be stored at the right temperature with the proper conditions. Liebherr wine fridges are made with consideration to modern wine storing standards, providing quality conditions for aging and storage of wine. Liebherr’s innovations and technology provide a unique diversity of solutions that enable disciplined consumers to enjoy their beverage securely kept in a separate wine fridge that is fully accustomed to the requirements of storing.

Liebherr wine fridges comply with all the required standards for wine storing. A wine fridge is able to cope with humidity and temperature balance throughout the process of storing wine bottles. Modern standards and technology make it possible for wine fridges to overcome the quality demands for wine storing and just as well are much more economically and environmentally efficient in storage of wine. Noting the temperature fluctuations that can occur in various wine cellars, an environmentally friendly wine fridge may always assist a wine enthusiast in taking proper care of his supply or an entire collection.


All wine fridges from Liebherr model lines come with certain specific features that ensure better conditions of wine storage and the wine supply. Liebherr fridges offer LED screens to monitor temperature and humidity monitors. Depending on the settings, the temperature throughout the interior of wine fridges may be set to +5°C and +20°C, creating these conditions excellent for future storage and therefore the maturing of wine. Despite being visible to the homeowner through the doors, the glasses of the doors of all Liebherr fridges are UV-resistant and insulated in order to ensure safety of the wine bottles stored inside. The specifically designed compressors of the refrigerators provide absence of vibrations within the interior of the Liebherr wine fridges. Climate management of the fridges are also built in permitting full management over temperatures and humidity that can greatly affect the conditions of storage of the bottles. Foreign odors are filtered using the replaceable FreshAir Charcoal Filter developed by Liebherr. For any inconvenience occurring with the storage, a fault alarm is built in every single Liebherr wine fridge that’s able to signal issues to the homeowner.


Wine fridges from Liebherr are designed with thought over portability, security and comfortability for the wine fans. Liebherr wine fridges come in a variety of sizes, different number of compartments and decorative styles in order to fit the style of a particular setting, or simply fit in a storage cellar. Liebherr WS1200 model only is able to store 12 bottles of wine with one temperature while the WS17800 model is able to store 178 bottles within 13 compartments and 4 temperature zones. For wine collections that require extra security measures, a lock, passcode system is introduced in every wine fridge. Liebherr wine fridges account for the maximum demands and expectations of their customers by providing effective measures against the factors influencing the complexity of wine cellars: light, heat, humidity and vibrations. 

Majority of wine fridges from Liebherr can be used as undercounter storages of wine in bars and pubs. This certainly should not limit a private wine collector or an enthusiast from purchasing a particular fridge for personal use in a domestic atmosphere. Do not hesitate to perform a research online and contact a vendor about specific models of Liebherr wine fridges. In order to ensure quality storage experience, it is often advised to verify the parameters and sizes of the bottles stored. Typically accepted wine bottle size by Liebherr wine fridges is the Bordeaux standard bottle.



Liebherr wine fridge for the best wine experience

A Liebherr wine fridge is the most beautiful appliance there is for wine lovers, but also for not wine lovers. During the monthly meeting of pigeon fanciers in our area, always nice because it is in the village pub and after the formal part is exchanged much informationwhile enjoying a beer, came a nice conversation on about the benefits of a wine fridge. The formal part actually takes far too long, some drivers find themselves rather important and should also like to talk. So it’s up, when we hear again how good our region did in the races and how well we are organized. Then as always the enumeration of the figures, the accountant is slow and boring, and nobody listens and nobody is interested, but we have to get through it. Last fixed point is always Jubilees, deceased and any new members. You will be surprised that there is still so much enthusiasm for the pigeon sport. It is different from before, when were the real workers who had taken pigeons to switch from a day of hard labour 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fridge in the kitchen layers usually so´ n 150 bottles of white wine and when he visit, he set about a ½ hour before the visit would arrive, a few bottles of red wine in the wine fridge. Then it was the red wineslightly below the optimum room temperature of 17 degrees. You can serve the wine better than a small tap too cold too hot, your hands can easily adjust. I was with him and suddenly he told me something else what he did also with the wine fridge. When a race was also 30 minutes before the flight, he stopped the pigeons in the wine fridge, then they flew to get faster to the weather is warm. Back in Netherlands, I direct a wine fridge bought and last Sunday he had already proven. I told this of course not on the pigeon club. But the fact was after a ½ hour wine fridge had already recouped the investment my Dove. And my wine fridge was my secret weapon.

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Liebherr wine fridge helps to control your wines

The warm days are coming soon and then it is even more important to serving temperature in your wine on your own Liebherr wine fridge. The big difference with the Liebherr makes is the number of temperature zones. A wine fridge from Liebherr has 2, 3 or 6 temperature zones. The treatment of the air and humidity is almost the same in all wine cabinets. The wine fridge in which 6 temperature zones are no fan, because it uses the koudevaltechniek. Would you still have a fan in this wine Cabinet, the koudevalproces. The fan in the other wine cabinets and wine cabinets offers the possibility to the humiditybetween 10% and 20% increase. However in the closet with the 6 temperature zones is done using lava cloves. Liebherr officially isn´t using the wordwine fridge, but because many people use this term if we do also once. Liebherr prefers wine cabinet.

How to measure
Measuring the humidity is done with a hygrometer. This is not a standard included with a wine Cabinet. In the USA there is only one supplier of wine cabinets that so provides and that is Cavepromotor. With every wine Cabinet is a digitalhygrometer included so as not to burden of fluctuations. An analog hygrometer must be calibrated what if detrimental effect that a deviation may arise. The ideal humidity is between 50% and 75%. The air humidity must not be lower, becausethe corks in wine bottles ‘shrink. This creates a gap between the glass of the bottle and the Cork closure. This offers the possibility of bacteria to the bottles. You will understand that this is the taste of the wine.

For wine is rest and important to be able to mature or to maintain the optimum condition. Wine molecules that are incontinuous movement, ensure that the wine faster elderly. This makes the wine faster to its top or will never reach the top.In a wine cellar you have a minimum of vibration. However, there are almost no homes built more with a wine cellar and we want to keep our wines yet optimal. For this Cavepromotor the so-called Vibration Reduction Blocks. The wine cabinets are placed on these blocks. Depending on the type of Liebherr wine Cabinet is a set of four or five blocks. These ensure that the ambient vibrations are reduced, so that the wines are practically silent. Installing the blocks is relatively easy if you can on all sides well with the wine Cabinet. The Cabinet comes between two other cabinets and or a wall, you will get instruction ofCave promoter how to solve it.

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