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We sell Johan MESSELY Paintings

Paintings for sale Johan MESSELY and AVEAS

My friend professor living in West Flanders would like to sell a number of paintings. Because he has already reached a very respectful age, he has to say goodbye to certain things. Viewing can in Bruges, sale directly from owner. Especially since I have many connections in international business not only in Belgium, I write description in English so that everyone can read this description.

Painter Johan MESSELY and AVEAS

Johan (1953) Grew up in the artistic world of father Paul Messely (painter) who was Johan’s great example and impulse. After studying engineering and photography, he settled as a photographer in Menen, but eventually chose to turn his hobby into his profession.

Johan paints southern-tinted scenes in which the play of light and shadow prevails. The oil paintings are sunny and colorful and radiate optimism and joy of life. He works figuratively with an impressionistic approach.

In addition to oil paint, Johan also has a passion for pastel. He creates the woman from his photographic image, where the combination of light and shadow is very important.

  • Oil, Holst, Wood frame
  • Signature and year
  • Living artist
  • No resale rights if purchased from owner